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Résumé Preparation

AA Résumés Designed for Results does all of the work while preparing your résumé. There are no Internet templates to fill out, or forms to fill out when you come into the office. Once your employment objective is determined, the information is developed by asking you targeted questions about your background, which can be done in-person or by telephone. A draft of the document is then composed for your approval. The draft is intended to be changed, since the client must take ownership of the résumé. All changes to the draft, until the service is completed, are included in the fee for the service. Based on our experience, one or two drafts normally are sufficient. 

The résumé service is designed to meet your needs within the time frame when you need the finished document. We have completed the service for clients from start to finish within 24 hours.


Cover Letters

A Response Cover Letter is designed so you can customize it for each prospective  employment opportunity. It will only take you five minutes or so to make changes to our blueprint cover letter for each employment opportunity. Answers to Salary History and Salary Requirement questions are provided that will strengthen your negotiating position. The blueprint letter includes instructions on how to use the letter.  If you have any problems while using the letter, we will resolve them with you by telephone or in-person. We supply the Response Cover Letter in both e-mail and MS Word formats.

A Solicitation Cover Letter is designed to contact companies you may want to investigate as a future employer. As with the Response Cover Letter, the blueprint cover letter is designed to be customized for each specific potential employer and instructions are included on how to use it. If you run into problems while using the letter, we will resolve them with you by telephone or in-person. We supply the Solicitation Cover Letter in both e-mail and MS Word formats.


Interviewing Strategies:

We conduct a mock interview with the client. After the interview, constructive criticism is provided on all aspects of the mock interview including overall appearance and impression, body language, and quality of answers to difficult questions.


Strategies after the Interview:

We review the results of each interview with the client and then recommend a follow-up strategy including written and verbal correspondence. 


Job Hunting Strategies:

 We develop effective strategies for our clients based on occupation and career objective.