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AA Résumés Designed for Results has been preparing résumés since 1988. The service began after H. David Rassbach, President of a marketing and management consulting firm, was invited to give a series of career development presentations at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. During the breaks in the presentations, several students approached David with their résumés concerning internships or permanent jobs. The résumés looked good, but they didn't have the information or format to attract prospective employers. David provided constructive criticism of each student's résumé; however, after the seminars, he saw résumé preparation as a good business opportunity, especially since some of the students from one of the most prestigious business schools in the world couldn't prepare an effective résumé.

At that time, most résumé services required their customers to provide information on their backgrounds by filling out forms. This continues today on the Internet. The preparer than massages their client's words and charges a hefty fee for the service. David decided to provide a value-added service through his marketing and management consulting background and his experience with CEOs, company Presidents, and hiring managers of corporations. His approach is to determine each client's career direction and then "interview" each client to develop impactful information that will produce interviews.

Since 1988, AA Résumés Designed for Results has prepared thousands of résumés, from entry-level positions to C-Level executives, including the President of a $7 billion corporation. Some of our more interesting clients include an ex-Philadelphia Eagle football player, a U.S. Secret Service Agent, a professional vocalist, and on-air radio and television personalities,

We believe that most résumés should be one page. Since 1988, 80% of the résumés we have prepared are on one page. The résumé must gain the attention of a prospective employer by showing results and accomplishments and by emphasizing key words.

Please call (610) 964-8555 or e-mail hdrassbach@hdrgroup.com to arrange the free initial consultation by telephone or in-person.